Earn money online in Zimbabwe

Earn money by selling email hosting services and get 25% out of every sale. Our email hosting starts from $25 and the maximum it’s $105. Meaning if a client choose an email package of $105 you collect the $105 and you send us $79 that is 75% and take the $26 your 25% as your

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Create emails on direct admin control panel.

Below is a video we have prepared that outlines step by step on how you can create emails once you buy hosting with us. It’s easy to follow. https://youtu.be/m1ipECnSvYU For all your email hosting please contact us on +263716112377 or visit our website syrup.co.zw

What is a personalised email?

A personalised email is an email which carries your domain name. For example if your company name is “malazpvt” then you can have emails like info@malazpvt.co.zw or sales@malazpvt.co.zw. These emails are more professional and you can configure them on your phone, outllok or you can acces them on web browser. Easily create your own emails,

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Cheap hosting in Zimbabwe

Prices for email hosting in Zimbabwe

We host emails at an affordable price. From $25 per year you can host 10 emails with a total space of 1gig . Access your email everyone using a phone , email. At syrup Web services we assist you , setup your emails. Contact us on +263716112377 Or email hosting@syrup.co.zw

Cheap Email hosting

At Syrup Web Services we offer email hosting services at affordable price in Harare. Email hosting starts from $US25 per year for 10 emails and a total of 1gig. Professional Email hosting for Zimbabwe. Stop using Gmail! Get personalized emails for your company e.g. info@companyname.co.zw. Unique and professional email addresses give your company the visibility

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Email Hosting in Zimbabwe

Host your emails with us. From $US25 per year you can host 10 emails with free one year .co.zw domain. We offer reliable email hosting in Zimbabwe. We are the best email hosting in Harare. 1 gig storage Free .co.zw domainAccess emails from your phone and Syrup web services offers reliable and efficient email… Email

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