Website design for a rehabilitation center

We have designed a website for a rehabilitation center in zimbabwe .Basuc website design for an organization without an interactions with the user, it’s $120. The price is inclusive of one year free hosting and a free one year domain. Get a website today from syrup web services, delivery within 5-10 working days. We

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Cheap hosting in Zimbabwe

Importance of having a website in business

Are you running a business and you wonder what is the importance of web design in today’s digital world? Most of the business today , one way or the other fund itself in need of having an online presence. A website is essential for any business to make its presence felt online and also to

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Recently completed website design

An interactive website allows you post content like FAQs, blog posts, downloads and articles from your website dashboard. With an interactive website you can sell online , upload products online etc . Get yours today for only $240 inclusive of one year free hosting and domain . Contact us on +263716112377 or email

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The best CMS for website development

WordPress is the best CMS with more than 45% of websites on the internet powered by WordPress. You can design any type of website using WordPress. You don’t have to code each functionality you want to add on the website. You can make use of already made codes in form of plugins to add functionalities

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Determine The Suitable Web Design Agency for Your Project

When building your business website, you usually consider many aspects, such as the cost, the quality, the delivery time, the after-sales, etc. Hence you’ll always be keen to choose the right web design agency from the beginning & not bounce between agencies & lose both your time & cache. Choose the best web designer choose

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What is web designing?

Web designing refers to the creation of web pages or files that are displayed on the internet. An example of a website is Syrup Web Services. The most popular terms used in web designing is JavaScript, html and css. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. In

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How to market online in Zimbabwe

Are you still wondering how best you can market your services and products online. As syrup Web services we are here to help you venture into online marketing.Below are some of the basic first steps you should take to explore the power of digital marketing. Have a business logo designed. This will help you in

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Web design Services in Harare

What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of optimising your website to be friendly with search engines such as google, bing and yahoo so that when clients search for your website or services it come as one of the top search results. When you get your website live, it is important that

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Why your website should be mobile friendly in Zimbabwe?

More and more people are using mobile devices and not laptops or PC’s to search and shop online. Mobile devices have smaller displays and if your site is not mobile friendly there is likely to be Image distortion, the incorrect display of content and difficulty in browsing on a mobile device.  Imagine browsing a website

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Recently completed website design for Hilsol Trading

Interactive Website design $180 , we have designed an interactive website for Hilsol Trading. Visit and have a look at our website design work. The package is inclusive of $5 emails and free one year hosting. Contact us on +263716112377