Drive traffic to your website through blogging

One of the most important reasons why we encourage posting new content on your website is that blogging gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your target audience. Use this as a marketing strategy to push traffic back to your website. Google always looks for pages with relevant and new content, so keep posting and updating your posts to befriend Mr google.

Make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media platforms. Now it’s easy to automate all your posts to ensure you only post once on your website and the post is automatically posted to all your social media pages like facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin.

Post links – with relevant visuals – of your blog articles to your social sites. Give your social followers a reason to click through to your website.

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Additionally, post inbound links directly in your blog articles, to push traffic to specific landing pages of your website. The more people click your link from social media posts, the more Google starts to see your pages as relevant content and start ranking high on search results related to your content posts.

Blogs increase your SEO. Fresh content is still a key to beating out your competitors on the search engine results page. Use keywords in your articles. Try to find out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Use these words, phrases and related expressions when writing your posts. For example, look at how we target these key pharses as Syrup Web Services. Words like “web designers in Harare”, Flyer designers in Harare”, Company profile designers in Harare”, we always target these phrases. As Syrup web services we are always found on the first or second page on these keywords and we keep on working on them till we are found on the first page results.

Of course, whether you actively seek these out or not, blogging regularly about your business, industry, product, or customer lifestyle will naturally increase your search keywords. Being intent about your words will only increase results.

Continuous practice of the above will improve your website SEO rankings. This is the organic way of improving your SEO rankings. For all your social media page management and SEO contact us on +263716112377