Email Hosting in Zimbabwe

Email hosting in Zimbabwe at affordable prices. We offer email hosting that suits your business needs. Get emails that you can configure on your phone, access on web browser anywhere.

Why have a personalized email?

A personalized email is more professional than a Gmail or yahoo account. With a personalized email you can have emails that carry your business name as the domain. You can have emails like

How to access emails on browser?

To access the emails visit and put the email and password. That is it for accessing emails on browser.

How to configure emails on phone?

To configure emails on phone, you open your Gmail app and on the toggle menu , you click setting then click add account. After clicking add account, you choose other account and put your email and proceed following the instructions until you reach the end and click finish. That’s it!!. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us

Cost of email hosting

The cost email hosting at Syrup Web Services are as follows:

Hosting 10 emails its $3300 rtgs per year,

Hosting 20 emails its $4500 rtgs per year