Below is list of various videos that you can watch to learn more about web design and development as well as some graphics design tips. Are you a designer who would like to learn new skills and tips about web development , design and graphics design? Here is the platform you can use to gain new tips that will help enhance your designing and web development skills.

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a simple flyer for social media posting using adobe illustrator. 

You purchased a hosting account with us and wonder how you can create emails, here is the video demonstrating how you can create the emails in direct admin.

Under our hosting packages, the 5 gig storage and the 10 gig storage allows you to host more than 1 website on the same account. You can host up to 10 websites on the same account. Learn how to add more than one website to your account in this video.

Learn how to create a wordpress website for your business. Easy and simple to edit website. We are here to help you create your website contact us today +26376112377

You have a custom function that you want to add to your wordpress website, we can help you by creating a plugin. Above is a video of how you can create a wordpress plugin if you have knowledge og php.

In this video you will learn how to create a Mysql Database on Direct Admin dashboard. All our hosting packages comes with more than 5 – 20 databases depending with the selected package.