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A website built on good web design drive deeper user engagement, leads, and sales for your business.
Company websites are those sites for showing company information and bringing the company brand online. Under this category there is no e-commerce taking place no user registrations, no online payments accepted. These sites cost $52 and RTGS equivalent at the prevailing exchange rates
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Ecommerce websites are those which allows the buying and selling of goods and services online. These sites go for $102 accepted using the prevailing exchange rate.
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Social sites are those sites that behave like Facebook, Twitter, which allows people to interact. These sites cost $102 and RTGS accepted at prevailing exchange rates.
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Hosting is free for the first year and after that, the hosting is $US26 per year.
Free .co.zw for the first year. If you want a different domain than .co.zw then the cost is transferred to the client and adjust the price of the design accordingly.
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We offer SEO as a separate service
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