What are customised emails?

Do you want to do professional business communications with professional emails carrying a domain with your business name? This article will give you a guide on what is a professional email and how to get one. A customized or professional email is an email like info@yourcompany.com . For this email to work you only need two things that is the domain name and a hosting account. Once you purchase a domain and hosting account, the next step is to login to your hosting cpanel account and create emails. The emails will carry the domain name your purchased. For example, if you purchase the domain www.syrup.co.zw , emails you can create will be like info@syrup.co.zw or sales@syrup.co.zw or even personal names like peter@syrup.co.zw.

If you need help in buying the domain and hosting for your emails contact us on +263716112377. From as low as $25 per year you can get emails with 24hrs. We also help you how to use them, login and access them on both phone and computer. The emails can also be accessed on gmail app or outlook.