What is an E-commerce Website?

The difference between an E-commerce website and a company website is that An e-commerce website is an online destination where buyers can shop for goods and sellers offer products and services. It is like a hub of information about a company and what they sell. At Syrup Web Services we design e-commerce websites for just $US180 and we give you access to shop management dashboard where you can upload,edit and modify your products on website.

Difference between e-commerce website and company website

On an eCommerce website, you’ll find product listings, eCommerce blog content, company history, and contact information.

You can sell just about anything through an E-commerce site. Examples include building equipment like Bhola hardware, cars like be forward, household goods, clothing, and food and drinks. Examples of e-commerce websites we have done:

The data generated by an eCommerce website can be useful for sellers in their marketing strategies. Yes with our e-commerce websites you can see statistics like how many views or visitors have opened your website.

If you’re just starting an eCommerce business and only sell a few products, you can get an excellent website created for just $180 . We are are experienced in using woocommerce plugin to develop nice and easy to use e-commerce websites. We are the best e-commerce websites builders in Harare, Zimbabwe. Whereever you are we got you covered. We accept Mukuru, Ecocash, World remit, USD cash, PayPal and Rtgs transfer. If you sell thousands of products or are revamping your entire brand, working with a dedicated developer is a smart call. Call us today on +263716112377 email nyasha@syrup.co.zw