What is search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This refers to all efforts made to bring traffic to the website and make it known by search engines like google bing and yahoo. So that when someone search for certain keywords related to your website, your website will be among the first google search results.

It’s an organic wat of getting your website to the top of google search results. At Syrup we do SEO for just $50 per month for 3 keywords. Having a website only is not enough. Make sure your website is available upon search.

Some of the websites we have done SEO with great results includes fitted kitchens Zimbabwe . If you search anything related to fitted kitchens in Zimbabwe this site is on the top search results. However you should note that SEO is not a once off thing., it’s a process which can take up.to 3 months to have better desired results.

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