Why your website should be mobile friendly in Zimbabwe?

More and more people are using mobile devices and not laptops or PC’s to search and shop online. Mobile devices have smaller displays and if your site is not mobile friendly there is likely to be Image distortion, the incorrect display of content and difficulty in browsing on a mobile device. 

Imagine browsing a website where you have to zoom in and out to view some of the content. Being mobile friendly is what your customers want and you need to provide this to ensure you won’t lose clients.

Mobile friendly website Harare Zimbabwe

A mobile friendly website is also good for SEO , it affects your Google rankings. Google recognises pages that are mobile friendly and ranks these higher than sites that are not. You are likely to be recognized by Google and rank high than your competitors who have websites that are not mobile friendly. So, in order to have a good page ranking and keep traffic coming to your site a Mobile friendly site is critical, keep your site mobile friendly.

At syrup Web services all websites we design are mobile friendly. We ensure all sites for our clients can be viewed easily both on Computer and on mobile devices. Have a look at some of the websites we have done.

  • hilsol.co.zw
  • Documentrecovery.co.zw
  • watchcatch.co.zw
  • marystylclothing.co.zw
  • divebazaruto.co
  • zimsagoodies.uk

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