How to market online in Zimbabwe

Are you still wondering how best you can market your services and products online. As syrup Web services we are here to help you venture into online marketing.Below are some of the basic first steps you should take to explore the power of digital marketing.

  • Have a business logo designed. This will help you in branding your business and creating a lasting impression on your adverts.
  • Choose your three colors you will use in all your post designs.
  • Open a Facebook page and have it designed with a nice cover page and post well designed posts. You can run a sponsored advert to trigger more likes to your Facebook page at first.
  • Have a website so that when people search you online to verify your authenticity, you will be visible on Google with all contact information.
  • Constantly updated your Facebook page 3 to 4 times post per week and share your posts to other groups encouraging page likes. RESPOND TO CLIENT MESSAGES to ensure your page remain relevant.

With the above steps and if done constantly , we assure you a change will be noticed after about 3 months of constant online marketing.

Facebook Page Management

As syrup Web services we can help you with all the above. From logo design, Facebook page management $50 per month and website design $80 for company website and $180 for ecommerce website. Contact us today and let’s work together in growing your business online.

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