How to create a website?

Creating a website can be a simple or complex task depending on what functions do you want to incorporate on your website. You can create your own simple website using WordPress. Using the drag and drop features of WordPress.

The best way is to first buy your hosting and domain name . Then install WordPress on your hosting space. The easiest page builder to use is elementor. Install this plugin.

Builder your header and footer first then last add pages to your website. If you are completely new to WordPress then learn though YouTube tutorials.

Incase you have any problem in setting up your WordPress environment, get I touch with us . For just $10 we can help you setup the WordPress on your host and you can proceed and develop your site

How much it cost to hire a developer?

Incase you don’t want to do it yourself. Then let us help you develop your website. At Syrup Web Services a company website it’s $80 and an E-commerce website it’s $180.

Contact a web developer

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